Gracenote, the name, comes from the musical grace note. A grace note in music is one that is an ornament or an embellishment.  

Coffee has notes. We taste plum, or caramel, or jasmine, or peach, or whatever. We also taste coffee. 

What separates good coffee from great coffee is often those notes. It's how well they work together and how gracefully the fundamentals—like sweetness and body—and ornamental features form a complete experience. 

Gracenote Coffee Roasters was founded in 2012.

Gracenote Cafe opened in October 2015.


Visit the Gracenote cafe located at 108 Lincoln Street, Boston 02111. We'd love to meet you. 


Gracenote Boston is located in the Leather district, tucked between South Station and Chinatown. We're on the corner of Lincoln St. and Tufts St. 



Monday-Friday: 7:00-4:30

Saturday: 8:00-3:00

Sunday: 9:00-3:00

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The cafe proudly collaborates with our friends and colleagues from: 

Maine Kiln Works


Forge Bakery

Nutty Life

Graffito SP