Colombia Consaca Espresso

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Colombia Consaca Espresso

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ELEVATION: 1850-2020M



Over the last few years we’ve become more and more intrigued with Colombian coffee and the variety of flavor profiles that can be found within this one country. We’re excited to begin sharing this year’s selections with you! 2018 was our second consecutive year of traveling to Colombia and working closely with Azahar and Olam to bring you some great coffees.

The region of Nariño is a particularly special place: A combination of elevation, and climate help produce some really special coffees. Higher elevation and cooler temperatures (particularly at night) lead to slower and more complete maturation of coffee cherries. Fermentation and drying are also positively affected by those characteristics.

Most Colombian coffee farmers handle their own wet processing and drying, before selling the parchment coffee to a dry mill or exporter. In many other origin countries, farmers sell their coffee cherry to a centralized wet mill that handles hundreds, or more, other farmers’ product. That difference is neither better or worse, but it does allow for some more potential to find unique, delicious and traceable coffees.

This coffee is a regional blend of small farmer lots in close proximity to the town of Consaca. We really enjoy the warmth and pleasing complexity it has to offer. Balance, quality, consistency and broad appeal all come to mind when describing this one.

We hope you enjoy!

*This coffee, though intended for espresso, does very well with any other brew method. When we roast for espresso, we roast so that the coffee is slightly simpler, and slightly less forward in terms of brightness/acidity. Those qualities translate well to an espresso machine in our experience. If that's your general preference, try an espresso roast for your regular coffee prep method. 

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