Ethiopia Misty Valley Espresso


Ethiopia Misty Valley Espresso

from 19.00

Blueberry pie, milk chocolate, raspberry

PROCESS: Natural

REGION: Yirgacheffe 

VARIETAL: Heirloom

ELEVATION: 1750-2000m

Misty Valley Espresso may need no introduction. 

But since we're here: Misty spro may be one of our favorite espressos ever. We've roasted it for four years running and this year is even better than last.

The way that this coffee—with it's exceptional mouthfeel that is somehow reminiscent of cheesecake—turns into espresso is so satisfying and enjoyable. There's tons of flavor. Fruit, floral, chocolate; and it's all balanced by an unreal tactile richness. 


*This coffee, though intended for espresso, does very well with any other brew method. When we roast for espresso, we roast so that the coffee is slightly simpler, and slightly less forward in terms of brightness/acidity. Those qualities translate well to an espresso machine in our experience. If that's your general preference, try an espresso roast for your regular coffee prep method. 

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